InspHire are experts in creating cutting-edge, easy to use software that helps small and large rental businesses manage their business better.  Next Big Leap developed a bespoke customer portal for InspHire.  Built in Expression Engine, it would allow their customers to download software, see progress on support tickets and much more.

Making The Web Development Project Successful

The web development aim was to allow inspHire's clients to be able to access data that was previously only viewable by inspHire staff.  This data included training videos, wish lists, latest news and other support tickets.  The database was tied in with their own in-house database, which came from their own large in-house system.  This was used internally for dealing with clients.

Next Big Leap wrote bespoke Expression Engine code, which took all the data and displayed it on the inspHire website.  This then meant that inspHire clients could now access data and other information,  just by logging in.