Note Perfect iPhone App

'We love working with Next Big Leap! Projects are intelligently handled and delivered to specification on time to the highest standards. Working with  Billy has been a huge pleasure and they have been immensely patient with all our questions, suggestions and changes of mind. We look forward to many more projects in the future.' Crispin Woodhead, Music Teachers

An ideal way to boost your skill and confidence in reading music. Aimed at testing and improving note reading against the clock.

Making The iPhone App Successful

App Design

The iPhone app was quoted as being 'the pocket workout for music students!'  An addictive and enjoyable game. The app design had to reflect this. Bright, vibrant colours were chosen to give the app a 'quiz' feel, this was followed through to the website that we also designed.

App Development

This iPhone app was built using Objective C. Game features included gameplay in choice of four different clefs, the ability to play as beginner, intermediate or virtuoso and compete with friends for top rank on the high score hall of fame.