R U Safe? Mobile App

LWA commissioned Next Big Leap to create a mobile app and mobile website.  The mobile app is aimed at teenagers who are unsure whether or not they are in a safe relationship  - at home and with their boyfriend / girlfriend.

Mobile App Brief

The brief was to work with LWA (a charity based in Loughborough) to create an information app.  The mobile app needed to be simple to use and easy to read.  It would allow teenagers to access important information they need, to help them decide if they are in a relationship that is classed as 'normal' or 'safe'.  It had to contain clear links to telephone helplines and useful websites, as well as 2 short quizzes.

Making the Mobile App and Mobile Website Successful

Logo and Branding

It was important to get the branding right.  The mobile app had to appeal to youngsters.  Therefore the look of the mobile app had to use colours and images that they could relate to, getting a balance between giving information without appearing too formal.  With this in mind, we choose to use a bright green and yellow to give a fresh, youthful feel, with elements of black to show the information was important.

Various logo designs were shown to a focus group of young people.  Their feedback was taken into consideration to ensure the logo and branding appealed to the right age group.

Mobile App Design

The mobile app design also had to keep in line with what would appeal to young people.  We provided a sample of ideas.  These ideas were taken to the focus group for feedback on their preference.  Once the look and feel had been decided, we were ready to design the rest of the screens for the mobile app.

A combination of easy to use navigation, colour and appropriate icons would allow teenagers to access the vitally important information and quiz with ease.

Mobile App Development

A feature of the mobile app was to have a quick exit button at the top of the screen, on every screen.  This was for the users safety.  It would allow a quick exit from the app, if it was felt that someone could see what they were looking at.

Next Big Leap discussed the advantages of having a mobile website, as well as a mobile app.  The reason for the mobile app was to give vital information to youngsters in a format that they could access easily, using technologies familiar to them.  We discussed how most young people were likely to use their mobile phones to download the app.  But what about those who didn't want to keep it on their phone, for fear of somebody finding out what they are looking at?  To overcome this problem, we suggested developing a mobile website.  In this way, young people could still access the information on their mobile phone when needed, without having to download anything.