Swivel Secure iPhone App

Swivel Secure provide authentification solutions to businesses of all sizes, from SME's to blue chip organisations.  It is used in every country around the world.

Swivel's PINsafe technology provides authentication for access via VPNs, websites and Corporate Web Applications.  Its unique combination of registered PINs and randomly generated security strings makes it a safe, reliable and cost-effective authentication solution, that combats threats from phishing, identity theft, skimming etc.

The Brief

Next Big Leap were asked to design and develop an iPhone app that would allow Swivel's customers to login to highly secure areas using their PINsafe technology.  As part of the process, we were also asked to help Swivel submit the iPhone app to Apples App Store, in order for it to be accepted under their own company name.

Making The iPhone App Successful

Before work on development could begin, we needed to determine what the iphone app needed to do and how it could be used by Swivel's clients.

Since the iPhone app was to plug into Swivels flagship product (Swivel PINsafe), it needed to communicate with PINsafe via their API.  Throughout the whole development process the target audience was kept in mind. The iPhone App was designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

The IPhone app was designed to stay in line with current brand colours.